Stop dieting and do this instead

Dieting is one of the biggest trends. You can’t avoid catching up with friends to hear that they’re on XYZ diet. Now I’m all for eating healthier, but I’m telling you right now… stop dieting and do this instead:

  1. Fuel your body with more nutrient dense foods
  2. Stop telling yourself certain foods are bad and others are good
  3. Allow yourself grace and “fun” food calories

The truth about dieting is that food is not just black and white. What I mean by that is that foods aren’t just healthy and unhealthy. If you’re dieting, you’re more likely to guilt yourself about foods you “shouldn’t” have instead of looking at your overall health and wellness.

It’s far more important to focus on enjoying a well balanced lifestyle. If you’re craving a certain treat… don’t deprive yourself of it indefinitely. Plan in advance ways to include your favorite treats or “fun” foods into your calorie count while making sure you’re still properly fueling your body with nutrient dense food.

The goal is to begin creating a healthier relationship with food, and not putting yourself down because you were human and wanted a cookie! It’s better to calculate your favorite treats throughout the week than force yourself to avoid them and unintentionally binge eat and overdo it.

Another reason to stop dieting is because you might be depriving your body of macros you really need. Your body more than likely does best with a good combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Depriving yourself of any of those three things can result in a lack of energy, weight gain, etc.

Are you looking for ways to track your meals? I would highly recommend looking at MyFitnessPal.

If you read through this post and were like, “yes! I need this” but could use some more guidance and accountability to reach your personal goals, let’s chat! Fill out the form to schedule a complimentary coaching call and let’s see how I can help!

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