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As a former quiet kid in the back of class that would turn brighter red than a tomato when my name was called on, I’ve come a long way in my public speaking. One of my favorite things is getting to connect with others on their own journey in life.

If you’ve come across me and would like to set up a speaking engagement I would love to chat!

Signature Talks

I’Mpossible Podcast

 “You can take this depression, you can take this anxiety, you can take your flashbacks and the trauma and still be whole despite all the brokenness… it’s not necessarily that I felt like gold, but it’s that I can take all of these pieces of me and I’m not broken, I’m just in a new form.”

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I Am Essence Podcast

 “A lot of it kind of goes into intuition, which is like a muscle that you have to grow, and learning to listen to the voice…

Another area of stepping into my power is being okay with changing your direction… I’ve learned as things start to come together that sometimes those little chapters were made to help you as a whole package in your next chapter.” 

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Drive On Podcast

“The beauty of psychology is, as we learn more about the brain, we learn how much it’s able to heal itself. Before we thought people who had a disorder, if you have depression, anxiety, PPD, PTSD… we used to think ‘Oh well that sucks, you’re stuck with it forever.’ But now we’re realizing, ‘no, you can change. Yes, that was traumatic. And yes, that was an event, but you can heal. Just like a broken bone can heal, your brain can as well.’ And I think giving yourself grace through the process.

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The Professional Bio

“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?”

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Melissa Anne is a military veteran, mother, Gold Star widow, and multi-passionate entrepreneur with a passion for helping others, as cliche as that statement may be.

Her hope is to leave a strong impact on the lives of others, and help them create a life full of purpose, health and wellbeing.

She is a certified personal trainer and health coach, as well as a Masters in Military and Emergency Responder Psychology student, with a focus on earning her LPC.

past speaking includes

“This is a powerful story of a women growing through trauma, and it is also so much more. It is an insight into the complex world of addiction,

trauma, and self-healing, and the impact on relationships of all involved. Melissa opens her heart and gives thoughtful pause to others to examine their own habits and behaviours when living through challenging times.”

Laura Payne-stanley, ted speaker & coach

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