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author, mental health podcast host, army veteran, gold star spouse, mother, Certified health coach, certified personal trainer, and Masters in military and emergency responder Psychology student

In a journal entry from 2010 I wrote, “part of me thinks maybe I shouldn’t go toward becoming a doctor but work as a therapist and nutritionist…” I later went on to list things I wanted to do like, “kinesiology or some form of exercise science, writing books, working with athletes, research on eating healthy, having horses, singing, owning a therapy/nutritionist place…”

Though it might have taken me until 2021 for life to bring me back towards this direction, I’m incredibly grateful for the journey that led me back with all of life’s lessons and experiences to contribute to my own work with clients moving forward.

My focus moving forward is to help my clients reach their healthiest performance. For some this can mean implementing exercise and nutrition game plans, for others it could be a complete change in career path that isn’t draining their soul, for others it may be rest.

Regardless of what brings you here to my site, I’m glad you’re here. 

My focus with Melissa Anne is to showcase my multiple passions for helping others in one place. 

nutrition, healthy living, and mental health topics, it’ll all be here. Welcome!

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How I went from being a medic in the Army to performance coaching.

If you were to tell me all those years of dreaming I could own a camera would turn into me becoming a photographer / videographer and brand strategist for small businesses, I wouldn’t have believed you. Writing a book? Nope. Switching from being an Army medic to a performance coach… that one I might have actually believed. 

My passion has always been to help others, and at the root of each endeavor of mine, I’ve done just that.

I did that while serving in the Army as a medic. As a wedding photographer I’ve helped capture authentic moments in time. In branding I’ve helped small businesses bring their internal visions to the physical. Performance coaching has allowed me to help clients realize they can actually reach their goals without overdoing it with high functionality.

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