What is a Health Coach?

In the world of health and wellness, there are personal trainers, registered dietitians, and so forth. So what is a health coach? Do you really need one?

As a certified health coach myself, my answer is going to be, maybe. I won’t lie and say that every single one of us is in need of a health coach, but I will say that during different transitioning chapters of our lives we can definitely benefit from one.

A health coach is simply that, a coach focused on your health. But it’s so much more than that.

Have you been struggling to lose weight despite trying every diet known to man? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the fitness industry leaders telling you what workouts you can and can’t do to reach your goals?

Could you use the help in navigating through the fluff and sales techniques trying to get you to commit to something you know good and well you won’t be able to stick to long term?

That’s where a health coach like myself comes into play.

I sit with each of my clients and dive into their current lifestyle. We look at your health goals (like losing weight or getting your body moving) and see how best to incorporate it without overwhelm. Have a favorite food you can’t go without? Don’t. There’s no reason to trash your favorite things unless they’re truly detrimental to your health.

We put together a plan that makes the most sense based off your energy, time, and availability. The goal after working with me is seeing you creating a genuine healthier patterns that fit your lifestyle, not someone else’s.

Does that sound like something you could benefit from?

Let’s get you scheduled with a free coaching consultation!

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