you are worthy of success

Go after the life of your dreams

We are constantly surrounded by narratives telling us we’re not doing it right. We aren’t eating well enough, we aren’t exercising right. We need a job, but not that one. We aren’t making enough money. We’re making too much money. The list goes on, but I think you get the point. It’s mentally, emotionally, and honestly, physically exhausting at times trying to balance it all.

My focus as your coach is to rewire all of those subconscious attacks and start digging into what you truly want in life, then strategize how to get you there. 

Whether it’s a healthier body, a better relationship with yourself, making time to be more present, or finally following that dream career path of yours…

I’m here to help guide you.

The world may try to say that you're failing, but I'm here to tell you that you are capable of reaching the desires of your heart.

Your success is my success.

What my coaching sessions include…

Printable worksheets such as guides for working past limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and creating your own success. (or nutrition focused)

Accountability, because your success is my success. You will have access to me regularly with a 24hr* response time to share struggles and wins.

Weekly scheduled checkins via video or phone calls to track progress and adjust goals or strategies as needed throughout the program.

Why I became a coach...

I’ve been there. I’ve watched as what I thought was my dream career came crashing down. Feeling the weight of my endless to-do list suffocating me. Watching others reaching their goals, wondering if or when I would ever get that “W” on the board for my own life.

Failed marriage, death, grief, self-sabotage, the list goes on.

But then it clicked. I was allowing all of these “fails” to control me rather than ignite me to make a change. I realized that I had to be the hero of my own story. Understanding that although I was strong, I also needed support. That if the narrative was going to change, I also had to change.

So I started working on my mindset. I started focusing more of my time on the positives rather than the lack. I looked at what could be done to make a difference rather than all the things I couldn’t do. All the things I didn’t have time for that day. Understanding that it’s the little steps that make the longest lasting impact in life.

I can help you do the same, so you can begin reaching your goals.

headshot photos of Melissa Anne

She is beyond worth your time, and she gives you such a personal touch that you’re going to feel like she is instantly your friend!

Holy hell Mel! She has walked me through every process of getting myself branded. Really, all I want to be focusing on is my business and giving the hands on care and time to my clients healing and not having to worry that I have to put hours and hours, oh so many hours, it takes to work on branding yourself when you have no idea what you’re doing. She is beyond worth your time and she gives you such a personal touch that you’re going to feel like she is instantly your friend! Thanks again for helping me. I’m actually excited to show my business off now.

– Ashley, Humbly Holistic

What People are Saying

Mel helped me gain so much clarity into what I wanted to go after, and it felt like I was given the permission I didn’t know I needed to pursue what mattered most to me, not just what society tells me.

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