Relearning how to trust your body with food after years of dieting

As a nutrition coach, one of the first things I focus on is helping you with relearning how to trust your body with food, especially if you’ve spent years of your life with off and on dieting. The diet culture is a multibillion dollar industry for a reason, because they know they can keep you coming back. These companies know full well that your best way of reaching your body weight goals is with a lifestyle change, but that wouldn’t make them money selling their wraps or fat loss shakes in the long run.

I want my clients to grow a better relationship with not only their body, but with food as well. We work on letting go of this idea of “good” vs “bad” foods and focus on well balanced eating instead. Asking questions like, “does this food make me feel good?” Because if we’re honest.. sometimes that drive thru Taco Bell is just good for the soul.

Where does your relationship with food stand right now? Do you view any particular food group as the culprit for weight gain? Is there something you force yourself to avoid eating only to unintentionally overindulge later?

If this is you, I can help as your nutrition coach.

One of the ways I work with my nutrition clients is by looking at their current eating patterns, their lifestyle (ie: time availability and energy levels), and the things that they enjoy, then creating a game plan together. We sit together to create new eating patterns that will benefit my clients for the long term.

We’ll discuss things like, “what are some of your favorite meals that you’ve been trying to avoid? What’s your go to dessert? How much time do you have in your day to eat or make meals?” Things that a diet plan won’t really offer you.

After we’ve created a plan that makes sense to you, I have now become your accountability partner. One of the best parts of hiring a coach is having someone that’s going to genuinely keep you accountable. Unlike the 50 times you might have asked a friend to help keep you accountable only to fall off the bandwagon, your coach isn’t going to do that.

Relearning to trust your body with food isn’t a quick fix, but it is so worth the process for your whole health.

If you read through this post and were like, “yes! I need this” but could use some more guidance and accountability to reach your personal goals, let’s chat! Fill out the form to schedule a complimentary coaching call and let’s see how I can help!

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