The Happiest Place on Earth: Laax, Switzerland

Sorry, sorry. You probably read happiest place on earth and thought I was referring to Disney. But alas… I was not. Laax, Switzerland has by far been one of my top 5 places I’ve been in the world.

Laax was the only spot we could drive to from Southern Germany that still had a pretty solid amount of snow to take advantage of, I believe we went in late March or early April and it was still enough to enjoy a weekend of boarding.

We stayed at Riders Hotel which was an experience in and of itself after a day on the mountain, unfortunately we were so drained that we mostly just zonked out at the end of the day. The community area has a bar that would have an almost club scene and I would have loved to experience. (circa 2012) Instead, we cut out a juice box from breakfast and poured our wine we’d pick up from the gas station down the road and cozied up in our beds for the night.

The views of Laax Ski Resort

Even with half the trip being incredibly cloudy, we had 2 solid days where the mountains were visible and it was truly spectacular. I don’t even think my iPhone photos can do Laax Ski Resort justice. It truly felt like we were in the snowboarding heavens of Switzerland, and I’ve been to a number of ski resorts in the alps.

LAAX Snowpark

I experienced ramps, rails, and all the things for my very first time here. Honestly.. almost got yelled at by the park rangers because there was a curfew to get back down the mountain and we were cutting it close. So worth it though.

(even though I epically failed… it was my first rodeo okay?)

For any snowboarding or skiers that are steady terrain park riders, this is a must visit!

My only real negatives would be that I felt the food was super bland. But you’re not really there for the food anyway. My favorite way to end the day on the slopes was a refreshing beer.

Prost! Proscht! Cheers!

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