How small steps can lead to long term success and reaching your goals!

When thinking of success, it can be easy to over look just how important the small steps are. In fact, they are crucial for achieving our goals! Often times when we look at the bigger picture we can become paralyzed by all the things that need to happen to get there that we don’t even begin. Then days, months, even years later we beat ourselves up for never achieving that goal.

So what gives? How can we improve and finally reach long term success?

By taking baby steps!

When you start mapping out the baby steps it takes to reach your goals, you’ll be far more likely to succeed!

Start by creating SMART goals.

Once you have a detailed goal in mind, you can begin breaking that goal down into smaller steps that feel far more achievable and less nerve racking.

For example:

My SMART goal is to get my ACE health coach certification by passing my exam in august. So what baby steps can I take to reach that goal? I can set aside 20 minutes a few days a week towards studying. I can blog or do a video about what I’m learning. I can watch videos from the course. I can designated 20 pages of reading per day.

Can you think of a specific goal you have in mind? What are some baby steps you can take today or right now towards making that goal your reality?

If you read through this post and were like, “yes! I need this” but could use some more guidance and accountability to reach your personal goals, let’s chat! Fill out the form to schedule a complimentary coaching call and let’s see how I can help!

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