Here’s Why Hiking with Your Family is Beneficial

I know, I know. Sometimes the idea of hiking with your family can sound stressful, but there are so many benefits that will far outweigh the stressors.

Here’s just a few off the top of my head:

No Screen Time

I’m a solo parent, so I fully understand the need for an electronic babysitter from time to time, but I’m also aware of the importance of having no screen time. Hiking helps with this!


While in Colorado, my son decided that the colored mines were shark teeth. We were walking through the mouth of this shark or dinosaur. Thankfully it was a nice one and didn’t want to eat us. Phew.

Balance and Mobility

Going for walks and climbing up rocks helps kids gain a better understanding of their center of gravity. They get to learn by trial and error how best to get around.

Exploring new places as a family and creating memories

I’ve been able to take my son along walks in Canada, Colorado, Arizona, you name it. We’ve been able to see what the scenery is like for different parts of the world and my son is always reminding me of the things he enjoyed most about each area.

Helps you live a more active lifestyle as a family

With electronics taking over a lot of our lives, it’s more important than ever to show our children the importance of living an active lifestyle so they can carry that on with them as they grow up. We want to see our kids building healthy lifestyle patterns as young as possible.

What’s your favorite reason for hiking with family?

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