Do it scared, or it’ll keep calling you.

You can either do it scared, or you can push in every other direction only to still feel the calling. The choice is yours. Anyone that knows me has witnessed my wanderlust personality. Most can’t even keep up with where I’m living currently, and I can’t blame them. But the truth is that I’ve always done my best to follow that still small voice in my soul. My intuition.

Over the last decade I’ve lived in Germany, Tennessee, Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Ohio.

I’ve hopped from one place to another whether due to marriage problems, grieving process, or simply being scared. Because the truth is that I’ve always felt this intuitive calling to move to Maine. I have zero answers as to why. At least as to why it came to me to begin with. At the time I was in my senior year of high school trying to figure out where I wanted my life to be heading. I wanted to become a sports medicine doctor, a nutritionist, run a bakery, the list went on.

But I fell in love with Maine…

I fell in love with Portland, Maine and quickly the rest of the state. I loved all of the areas for fresh water. All the nature. The cold weather mixed with gorgeous ocean views. Over the last ten years I’ve even come up to visit a few times but never committed. I was scared. Scared to move so far from family and friends, even though I’ve done in a number of times. Scared that I was misinterpreting my inner knowing… but I promise you it has been loud AF.

Ultimately, I haven’t made the move.

Instead I’ve sat restless. Trying to make do with all of these other towns. While sitting unsatisfied. A part of me worries that I’ll finally make the move that’s been calling me for over a decade and end up disappointed. “What if it ends up being a mistake? What if the winter weather is too much for me? What if I can’t do it alone?” But the truth is, I’ve always figured it out. Every point in my life I’ve figured it out.

You have to live life unapologetically.

I’ve always been an advocate for living life without the need to explain the reasoning to others. Without the need of others approval. Sometimes those life decisions have seemingly backfired, but every step of the way has taught me something new to take with me. As I sit here currently living in Chattanooga, TN I can’t help but think that this isn’t my end stepping stone. It was much needed for my healing, especially after writing my book, but maybe it isn’t my final destination.

I’ve always envisioned a cottage along the coast.

Whenever I sit to meditate I envision the same scene. I don’t know if this is some type of past life, a vision, who knows. But I image the same scene. I’m walking from my little home and taking a path that leads to the rocky coast. The sun is rising higher up along the coast, it’s chilly, and it’s beautiful. Sometimes I imagine having a hot cocoa or coffee along my walk.

But I’ve let fear get in the way.

I’ve let fear hold me back from showing up in my business ventures. The businesses and career progression that can bring the money I need to live this dream life. Self-sabotage 101. Telling myself I can’t afford that lifestyle. It’s selfish to pursue this life. The list of excuses I’ve given myself as to why this can’t happen has been seemingly endless. They’re all rooted in limiting beliefs though. Which is why I’m telling you now, do it scared.

Do it scared, and trust the process.

You deserve to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Nearly every spiritual practice I’ve looked into discusses things like the desires of your heart. How our creator knows them, in fact even put them there. We all have different callings in life, and before societal norms and negative projections were placed on us… we had a small voice telling us to pursue something. I encourage you to take some time in your day today to be still. Listen for that light nudge. You might just rediscover your calling.

Are you getting in your own way? As a success coach I’m able to sit with my clients and help them see in what ways they’re self-sabotaging in their own life and ways to move forward to reach their goals. If this sounds like something beneficial, let’s schedule a complimentary coaching call!

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