How to start living a healthier life for those that don’t know where to start

You’re ready to start living a healthier life but don’t know where to start. I get it.

I remember when walking into the gym felt like the most intimidating thing in the world. From the gym bros in their natural element to the buff chicks, I didn’t even know where to begin, or what anything was for.

Was I even doing the workout right? Where should I be feeling this?

But trust me when I say we’ve all been there before. It’s completely normal.

Somethings that have helped me in the past are the following:

Attend a workout class at your closest gym

I always recommend starting with a workout class at either the gym closest to your home or nearest work. Why? Because I’m a firm believer in the path of least resistance. Workout classes at the gym are generally at the same times each week which will help you start a routine, and they instruct you on what to do!

Don’t hop on the latest diet trends

The easiest thing to do to start living a healthier life is to do a food audit. Are you eating enough food each day? Are you taking in too many empty calories compared to nutrient dense ones? Instead of dieting, one of the best options is to choose smaller serving sizes. Love getting Fast food? Get the small instead of the large. Skip the soda or split the small fries. It’s the subtle changes over time that will make a huge impact on your lifestyle without having to compromise the things you love the most.

Choose the things you enjoy

Will lifting weights help you lose weight in less time than cardio? Yes. Does it help define you more? Yes. But if you don’t enjoy it and you aren’t going to commit to it, there won’t be as much of a difference. I’ve seen people lose the weight they wanted to lose from cardio classes, martial arts, and so forth!

The same goes for meals. Find ways to incorporate more nutrient dense meals that you like. Create a balance of something close to 80% nutrient dense eating and 20% fun eating. This will help prevent you from burnout while enjoying the process of creating genuine lifestyle change!

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