My first time experiencing reiki massage

If you’re considering experiencing a reiki massage for the first time, I wanted to share my first experience with you. I’ve done it twice now and have since had a huge fascination with understanding it more. So much so that I actually urchased a booked called Understanding Reiki by Penelope.

My first reiki session

My first session with a mini 30 minute session after a 30 minute massage. Truthfully, I found it fascinating, even from just the massage factor with a reiki practitioner. I’ve had many massages before but this one in particular was a unique experience. She was incredibly sweet and I felt an immediate connection to her, but then the session truly started.

I remember the moment she briefly placed her hands above me she shared how she felt sadness. No specifics, but it just felt like deep sadness, and asked about lower back pains. Then we discussed essential oils and she checked about certain crystals to include near or on the massage bed with me.

It was the strangest thing because once again, I’ve experienced a regular massage many times before this combination one. But this one was so different. As she would work on a select body part, a memory would come to me. Something I’d never experienced in the past from a regular massage session.

Experiencing old memories and emotions

One example would be when she started massaging my wrist towards my upper arm. The moment she touched that area I was brought back to a memory of an argument I had with an ex-boyfriend when he grabbed me there years before. It felt so random for her touch to trigger that memory. But it also brought me back to a book reference I still plan to read called, “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk, MD.

The second example is a little more morbid. As she worked my right forearm I was feeling this feeling as if I was my late husband in the funeral casket viewing, and my massage therapist was me. It was the strangest experience. It literally felt as though she was me placing my hand on his arm and hand, and I was him. I don’t think I even mentioned either of those events to her, but I was so blown away by both emotions resurfacing.

Feeling a tightness of chest

I remember feeling so much pressure on my chest, as if something was sitting on me and preventing me from breathing properly. Once again, this was my first time experiencing reiki massage. I don’t know what’s supposed to happen, and I came into the session pretty open minded. However I still left with so much peace.

Have you received a reiki session before? I’d love to know about your experience!

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