Performance Coaching for Busy Professionals

Hi! I’m Mel. I’m focused on helping busy business professionals learn how to take better care of their physical, mental, and (sometimes) spiritual health… because I wholeheartedly believe that personal health goes hand in hand with career success and overall performance.

Meet Melissa Anne

author, mental health podcast host, army veteran, gold star spouse, mother, Certified health coach, certified personal trainer, and Masters in military and emergency responder Psychology student

While I’m no Daenerys of the House Targaryen, I do have quite the number of titles to go with my name and introduction.

I get to help those struggling to reach their goals by introducing them to healthier behavioral changes or mindset shifts that can enhance their performance across the board, without adding in guilt or shame for the lifestyle that led them to finally deciding to work with me.

Whether a client is pushing past a lifetime of patterns, or they’re just needing a little extra accountability as they get back on the horse, I’m grateful to take so many of my passions and use them to help others.

What makes me different from other coaches?

I’m far more focused on the whole health of my clients. The entire focus of hiring a coach is that the clients will be able to leave the program with the tools needed to carry on their new lifestyle for years moving forward. So my goal is in helping my clients grow a healthier relationship with their entirety. My coaching style is an individualized experience rather than one packaged plan.

how do I help my coaching clients?

Let's take a look!


Whether a solopreneur, parent, climber of the corporate ladder, or just busy living their best life, I help my clients create healthy lifestyle changes that genuinely fit their life. Because despite what you might be telling yourself, you need the sleep, movement, and time outdoors.

Diet Free

Working with me as a coach means entering a no diet zone (unless medically prescribed by a registered dietician). No cheat days, simply balance, and intuitive eating. While not every coaching client will need help in this area, it's a strong part of performance that we will discuss.


I help my clients create goals that actually make sense for their life. Because there's no point in creating an inauthentic plan. We'll focus on new pattern creations so you can see continued performance success long after our time together has ended.

formerly the "something blue"

on a wedding day

A quick backstory:

After leaving the Army as a medic, I became a military spouse, and a mom. Just over a year later I had become a full blown professional wedding photographer, loving every moment of capturing a couple’s day. While simultaneously helping other wedding industry professionals with branding and website design. I just loved helping people and hearing a piece of their personal life stories along the way.

But somewhere along the journey I realized I was missing something, the healthcare side of me.

So I decided to finally dust off my old personal training booklets, paid for more education, and found myself becoming a certified personal trainer and health coach by the end of 2021 with a specialization in nutrition and weight management, all while writing a book about my late marriage, working a temp job, and living in a heavy state of DPDR (depersonalization and derealization.) It was only then that I started to realize just how high functioning I had been a majority of my life, and knew I needed change.

"My personal health was in such a bad place that the idea of doing anything felt exhausting."

I’ve experienced first hand just how badly personal health can affect career success. My failing marriage affected my stability as a wedding photographer. Becoming a widow led me down its own spiral. Then deciding to start working through the trauma of my marriage and widowhood while writing my first book caused me to completely freeze.

My personal health was in such a bad place that the idea of doing anything felt exhausting. My mental health sank, my physical health was a wreck, and my career/financials were completely ruined.

I share all of this to say that my goal is to help my clients understand just how linked everything is, to give grace, but to also make steps towards their goals in a healthier and more realistic way.

I understand the exhaustion of mental health, and trying to do it all. That’s why I’m focused on forming goals and game plans with my clients that make sense for where they’re at in life currently.

I'm officially a self-published author!

Shortly after starting my Masters in Social Work, I realized I needed to drop from the program and work through some of the traumas in my recent past. “A Series of Flashbacks: Darkness Within” does just that.

I share about the start of my marriage, our difficulties, substance misuse, depression, and so forth. But I also share about finding forgiveness, closure, and the start of the healing journey.