the entrepreneurial struggle of being


I used to beat myself up. Why can’t I just settle for one thing? Why do I have to be so passionate about so many diverse things? How am I supposed to compact it all? Make it all match. How do I market myself as someone that cares deeply about holistic health, while sharing my love for documenting life, and all the other things?

But then it clicked, no pun intended as a photographer. All of these little pieces were what made me whole. Trying to divide and become a “master of one” wasn’t enough for me. I needed my matter of fact things like nutrition and gaining an understanding of how the brain works while balancing that with art. 

Whether it be photography, branding, or coaching, my love was in gaining a connection with others, or with the atmosphere. It’s a part of my own holistic health. Taking care of mind, body, and spirit.

My goal is to host a yearly retreat under From Grief to Gold, where those that are grieving can share their growths. Finding kin. Learning how to live with grief and still have a beautiful experience despite the sadness that tries to regularly take over. The Branded Academy is my love for small businesses and helping them shine and showcase their personalities. Naturally Mel is my way of helping people grow a healthier relationship with food and mindset around exercise

I have a few other ventures I plan to share over time but my business coach told me a number of times to focus on one project at a time.

discover a few of my

Recent Projects


Taking care of ourselves is a very personal journey. Discovering what works best for you in regard to exercise and healthy eating is the key to my health coaching program.


Losing my dream career path to become a mother. Transitioning to widowhood. Finding the goodness in the hardship. My focus is to show that there is still gold despite the grief.

the branded academy

Starting a business can feel incredibly overwhelming. I help my students and clients understand branding better so they can stand out and follow their dreams.


This is a growing directory of veteran based services, scholarships, businesses, and so forth. My goal is to bring an awareness to the needs for veterans and healing.


My passion project, with a long term goal of taking the proceeds and being able to donate it to girls that can’t afford activities like sports, hobbies, and so forth.


Formerly wedding photography, this is my way of showcasing my love for capturing moments in time for my clients. My primary focus is senior photography.