My first time experiencing reiki massage

If you’re considering experiencing a reiki massage for the first time, I wanted to share my first experience with you. I’ve done it twice now and have since had a huge fascination with understanding it more. So much so that I actually urchased a booked called Understanding Reiki by Penelope. My first reiki session My […]

My human design type is a projector but what does that mean?

Have you heard about human design? If you discovered that you’re a projector, you might need this post! While I’m not here to say I’m some human design master, I did learn enough to start giving myself grace. The moment I started diving into what it means to be a projector, so much made sense! […]

Do it scared, or it’ll keep calling you.

You can either do it scared, or you can push in every other direction only to still feel the calling. The choice is yours. Anyone that knows me has witnessed my wanderlust personality. Most can’t even keep up with where I’m living currently, and I can’t blame them. But the truth is that I’ve always […]

What I learned from visiting New Orleans for the first time

The idea of visiting New Orleans for the first time can trigger a number of different emotions depending on the type of person you are. Some may have Mardi Gras on their mind, others may want a more quaint experience. Regardless of your interests in visiting NOLA, I’ve compiled a list just for you sharing […]

What is a sugar detox and how is it helpful?

Do you feel like you’re constantly craving sugary treats? Are you struggling to kick the binging habit? You might benefit from a sugar detox. But I want to preface this post by saying that sugar in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. Sugar is naturally found in things like fruits and vegetables. When broken […]

Relearning how to trust your body with food after years of dieting

As a nutrition coach, one of the first things I focus on is helping you with relearning how to trust your body with food, especially if you’ve spent years of your life with off and on dieting. The diet culture is a multibillion dollar industry for a reason, because they know they can keep you […]

Prompts for Healing your inner teenager

You might have heard of inner child healing, but have you heard of healing your inner teenager? Truthfully, when I was working through some of my own healing, the child that came to mind was the one that had to grow up too fast. It was teenage me that experienced most of the “big T […]

Choosing to live life despite ideations

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I’m not sure if there’s anything scarier than going about an amazing day only to have your mind give ideas for ways you could end your life. When the brain lets you know all of the ways that you’re failing as an individual, how you’ll never reach those successes, and that you should just quit […]

Here’s the biggest problem with the “good” vs “bad” food mentality

Okay, the truth is, there are numerous problems with the “good” vs “bad” food mentality, but the biggest one is the healthy relationship we lose with food. Not to mention that good and bad is incredibly subjective, even water can be bad for us if we have too much of it. It’s this exact mentality […]